What Are the Best Crystals for Kids?

Kids can use any crystal, but there are some that are particularly gentle and indicative of the playful spirit of children.

That's why we've chosen the following crystals for kids.

Amethyst is our absolute favorite crystal as it is awesome for helping with pretty much anything you throw at it. The healing properties of amethyst span all parts of the mind, body, and spirit, and it can help children in many ways.

  • Amethyst provides a gentle energy that is protective and spiritual.
  • It improves concentration, memory, and focus, so it is excellent for school and homework.
  • It calms and soothes the body and mind, prepares the body for sleep, and wards off nightmares.
  • It improves intuition, creativity, and emotional understanding, and it transmutes negative energy into love.

Amethyst is one of those stones that your child can carry with them at all times to help them feel better in almost all situations.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is perfect for children because it is a gentle stone that offers an unlimited dose of loving energy.

  • It is positive and uplifting, and it soothes emotions, hyperactivity, fear, anxiety, aggression, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.
  • Rose quartz boosts self-love and love for others.
  • It inspires empathy, openness, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.
  • It can also be used to soothe babies who have colic.


Hematite emits a grounding energy that offers feelings of protection.

  • It can serve to calm children down and prepare them for class.
  • It provides a balanced energy that promotes feelings of strength and courage while being calming at the same time.
  • Hematite also neutralizes negative energy, boosts confidence, and reduces worries.

Black Tourmaline (in the kids box)

Black Tourmaline offers a gentle energy that provides protection from negative energies and emotions.

  • It can help children feel safe and secure as they embark on their journey at school or lay down to sleep at night.
  • With black tourmaline, children will feel confident and grounded, and it will help reduce their fears.
  • It also boosts their immune function.

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is the Master Healer, and it can be used to heal all wounds, whether physical or emotional.

  • It can help children ease any pain they are feeling and recover faster when they are sick.
  • Clear quartz also eliminates negative energy, serving to provide children with the confidence that nothing can harm them.


Rhodonite is another gentle, nurturing crystal for children.

  • It can help children have patience and feel calm.
  • It promotes feelings of peace and forgiveness.
  • It can also assist them in overcoming fear.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye helps children come out of the clouds and feel grounded, so while it is useful from time to time, children need to dream and shouldn't carry it with them all the time.

  • Tiger's eye also promotes self-esteem and courage.
  • It helps children do the right thing and use good judgment.
  • It provides protection and a sense of security as well.

Aquamarine (necklace kids box)

Aquamarine is a wonderfully soothing crystal. 

  • It settles nerves, anxiety, and stomach aches related to anxiety.
  • It also brings clarity of thought, and when coupled with its ability to calm children, it's extremely useful for test taking.
  • Aquamarine also helps children tell the truth.


Carnelian is a warm stone that can help to empower your child.

  • It promotes confidence, joy, and strength.
  • It sparks creativity, openness, and helps children trust themselves.
  • Carnelian also facilitates loving energy between children and parents.


Citrine has a cheerful energy that every child will soak right up.

  • It brings vitality, happiness, and confidence to children.
  • It is also known for its manifestation powers, so it can be used to help children feel more confident that they can have the outcomes they want if they set their mind to them.


Sodalite is another one of the best crystals and gemstones for kids.

  • It promotes authenticity and individuality, helping children feel free to express themselves without worrying about what others will think.
  • It increases clarity of thought and concentration.
  • Sodalite also helps children feel calm even in the midst of chaos.