Kakaw & Blu Lotus 🪷

De magische werking van Kakaw & Blu Lotus

Op reis in de diepte van je hart. 

Kakaw ceremonies

Online ceremonies georganiseerd door onze spaceholder Vivienne.
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Oorsprong Kakaw

Live from the 💗

From beans to liquor to flakes to you’re heart. 

African  Kakaw - Sierra de Leone
Kakaw farmers from an Organic certified kakaw sourcing project. 

How to use Kakaw?

Kakaw flakes are extra easy to use. (Big flakes can be crushed with a mortar) Scoop, mix, blend and open you’re heart. 

1 table spoon is +/- 10 gram.


Mix with 100/150 ml water or plant based milk

Normal / casual dose +/- 20gr Kakaw. Good for daily base.


Ceremonial dose +/- 37gr Kakaw for a ceremony


Did you know Kakaw is:

  • Is full of antioxidants 
  • Contains a lot of minerals
  • Relaxes muscles 
  • Stimulates you’re brain 
  • Is a real protector for you’re heart!

Alles over de Blu Lotus


The sacred blu Lotus flower from the Ancient Egyptians. 

The connection between Earth (roots in the mud) and Cosmos (beautiful flower above the water surface).

The flower of transformation and deep insights, but also of euphoria and slightly aphrodisiac properties.